Lesson 2

Read this about the underlying mechanism of stress reaction and remember that “taking your stress reactions under control begins from within, because the only things that we can ever truly control is how we react to a situation or a person, and how we behave and in turn how we feel about it. All other things in life are beyond our control to varying degrees.”

When  you feel under too much stress, try one of the quick fixes that you read in the article. Like in anything else, a good management strategy involves not only short-term but also long-term solutions, too. Long-term solutions for effective stress management are basically small to major changes in the direction and nature of one’s thoughts, as thoughts are closely linked to feelings and thus the behaviour.

A. Awareness is the key to stress management. 

To be able to bring change about, one needs good diagnostics and information. Here are a few questions that would not take too much time answer but will help you to begin uncovering and understanding the way you react to stress:

  1. Have you had a stressful episode in the last few days?
  2. What was it?
  3. How did you feel when it happened?
  4. Did you notice the way you felt right away? What caused you to notice the way you felt?
  5. What did you think about it afterwards?
  6. How long did the feeling continue?
  7. How long did you think about it?
  8. How are feeling now and how does make you feel to remember the event?

B. Reconstructing challenging and stressful situations: 

Sit down comfortably. Take 2 full minutes to watch and observe your breath.

When the alarm goes off, think of a small, minor problem, challenging situation etc. that you have.

Think and describe the problem as concretely and completely as possible.

Now begin thinking of possible solutions. At this point try not to make a decision, only make a list of possible solution. Your list can be short can be long, it is up to you.

Get up and go about your business, every now and then take a moment to consider new solutions or new descriptions to your problem.

Next day or so, observe your breath for 3 minutes and then reconsider the way you feel about this small problem and decide on the solution you feel to be the best way to solve this problem.


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