Lesson 1

Make sure you have read the information on the “Stress Relief” tab before this one.

What is stress? Read this and take a few minutes to do the exercises below.

A. Momentary Awareness

Sit down in a comfortable position in which your knees are lower than your hip points, and one that you keep the spine upright.

Deepen and soften your breath. Relax your face, jaw and your shoulders.

Go back to your natural and soft breath. Set your watch to 2 minutes to observe your breath.

When the alarm goes off, consider the following questions:

  1. How are you feeling right now?
  2. Is there a specific reason to make you feel the way you do, or do you generally feel like that?
  3. Are there any thoughts that you can identify that are related to the way you feel?
  4. Can you tell which of these thoughts or feelings comes/came first?
  5. Can you think of other situations that make you feel more or less of this feeling (e.g. more or less angry)?

B. General Awareness

You can this exercise following the other one or at another time. Begin just like you did for the other one. Take a couple minutes to observe your breath and when the 2 minutes are over answer these questions:

  1. Are you more stressed out than you can handle?
  2. Do you think knowing more about your natural reactions to stress will be useful in create better insight?

The most important thing to remember during these exercises is to avoid any kind of judgment. Let yourself experience a non-judgment for a short while. When judgmental thoughts appear, let them be and resist the temptation to engage it. Both of these exercises aim at helping you to collect information about your stress levels and reactions.



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