About me

229439_18782926552_5398_nIt is the vastness and forgiveness of yoga tradition that let in all kinds of yoga teachers. And, I am probably one of the stranger ones who see yoga tradition as just that: a tradition to be revered to a degree, and who believse that traditional yoga can benefit from science and reason.

I experience yoga as a medium where self-awareness, reflection and self-acceptance are central. I found that yoga led me to move from a more sedentary lifestyle where exercise was an obligation, to an active one where I now enjoy various forms of exercise for the joy of it, such as swimming and running. My teaching reflects this experience through a focus on breathing, biomechanics, and overall movement science. I believe yoga should always be fun and playful in an exploration of the needs and the limits of the body and the mind.

Breath has been the central element of my own yoga practice as I had terrible breathing habits that I had to quit and new healthy ones to learn for an easy, flowing breath. This focus has now been carried into what I teach and how I teach yoga. You will find out that in my classes there is a lot of talk of breath! As a result of this focus on breath, I found myself studying anatomy and human mechanics for hours on end and seeking empirical evidence in favour of yoga to improve myself both as a practitioner and a conductor of the ancient practice.

My role as a teacher is limited to combining yoga principles with evidence from movement and exercise science, and passing this on to those who I meet on my own path. I am especially interested in making yoga accessible to those who are not naturally drawn to yoga practice due to some kind of physical and/or psychological difficulty as I believe yoga can guide us all via various, individualised paths towards the general objective of becoming a calm, healthy person with some degree of inner peace.

Originally a psychologist and a scientist who is trained in Work and Organisational Psychology, I have years of research and teaching experience. I constantly borrow from this experience in my career as a yoga teacher. I teach yoga at Sit -NTNU and at Zenit Yoga, and I not-often-enough write about my yoga journey.

I am looking forward to meeting you. You can use the form below to contact me.

breathe and be yoga!



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