A Word on the Present or the Season’s Greetings

Shortest day
or the longest night
Life is choices – W.Sorlien
For me, the holiday begins on the day of the winter solstice. I can hardly think of any particular day of the year that feels so hopeful like the day after that. Although, it doesn’t get any lighter here at least for another month or so, I reckon that it is almost the first day the spring. I suppose this was how the people of the olden days felt and made a whole celebration around it.
Unfortunately, for most of people, it is not this simple. This time of the year means replacing the burden of work duties with a gnawing sense of an obligation to review the past year and make resolutions to become what they feel is a better person, parent with a better, nicer life as if it is possible to transform into that ideal self over the course of a week or two or overnight, no less.
I would say that life is a continuous flow with a few waterfalls spread throughout, where we ceaselessly chase an ideal self, which seems to get away from us whenever we come closer. The ideal self, the better person, the better parent, the better daughter are unattainable obscure goals; they are almost deliberately designed to be failed at. Instead of forcing the disappointment and guilt of the past and the anxieties, expectations of the future, yoga teaches us the possibility of enjoying the present. This is easier said than done, all the same it is worth the shot. May this be a time where you let go off all expectations and pretences of yourself and just breathe and be.

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