What is ‘cool’?

I recently read an interview with someone who just came back from India*. The interview had a long account of the differences between the Yoga in India and the Yoga in the West. One of the differences mentioned was the habits to do with where people do yoga and what they wear whilst doing it. Needless to say, yogis in India do yoga whereever they like and in what ever they feel comfortable, in stark opposition to where we, in the West do yoga and in what we do yoga.

Today, I read the following:

“If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing any way you can. You don’t have to do yoga in Lululemon, in a sun-drenched studio, scented with soy candles, and filled with people who only eat raw, organic vegetables that were hugged to death.” (Article here )

Yoga is a personal journey from your present self towards your better self, to your more accepting, tolerant, loving and stronger self. The path is difficult and sometimes painful. Therefore, comfort is desperately needed but no colour of Lululemons, no amount of sun or candle scent can bring that about. Comfort is a state of mind. Forget about others who demand to mold you and keep practicing sincerely and with open heart, where ever you like, donning what ever you like.

*Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to the website that published the interview. If anyone knows or remembers such interview, please drop the link below in the comments. Thanks.

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